Big Shoulders Pork Ribs, Boneless, in Original BBQ Sauce

All natural (Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients). Fully cooked. Hickory smoked. Gluten free. No additives. No preservatives. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Heat & serve in minutes! What is Big Shoulders Smokehouse? Big Shoulders Smokehouse is a unique combination of time honored regional styles, blended together to create the ultimate barbeque experience. Authentic barbeque is about more than just the sauce, it's about the meat and how you select it, season it, and slow smoke it to bring out the natural richness. Big Shoulders Smokehouse dramatically defines Chicago-Style Barbeque by taking what you know about barbeque to a higher level. How we do it? Attention to detail - we hand select only the highest quality meats. Next, we gently rub the meat with a unique our blend of savory spices that brings out all the flavors. We then naturally smoke our meats for hours using select hickory wood. Finally, when the time is right, we slather the boneless pork ribs with our sweet & tangy sauce to create the perfect balance of flavor. Big Shoulders Smokehouse delivers the quality and taste that rivals your favorite restaurant, yet they are fast and easy to prepare at home. Your family will appreciate that our boneless pork ribs are made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Perhaps that is what makes them so delicious. Questions or Comments Call: (708) 771-3600. For more information and recipes, visit: