No artificial flavors. 80 calories per serving. 12 g protein per serving. Gluten free. Fat free. With vitamins A & D. Contains live acidophilus & bifidus cultures. Excellent source of protein. Includes 9 essential amino acids. Excellent source of calcium. Small curd. Naturally cultured. Enjoy. Tasty ways to add nutrition with fat-free small curd. Thick & creamy smoothies. Creamy & nutritious scrambled eggs. Delightfully delicious pancakes. Add to ground beef for juicier burgers. Delicious on top of baked potatoes. Extra creamy casseroles, lasagna & spaghetti sauce. Spoon up a smile! Quality food since 1925. Food safe. Grade A. www.oldhomefoods.com. We value your comments and questions. Please call 1-800-628-8700. Women Owned. Award Winning: Quality from Old Home foods. Please recycle.