fairlife DHA Omega-3 Reduced Fat Milk Ultra-Filtered 52 fluid ounce (1.5L)

13 g high quality protein per serving. 125 mg DHA omega-3. Fairlife DHA Omega-3 Per Serving: 125 mg DHA; 13 g protein; 6 g sugar; 380 mg calcium. Lactose free. 2%. 3x the DHA vs 125 mg leading brand per serving. 43% less fat than whole ultra-filtered milk (4.5 g vs. 8 g fat per serving). No artificial growth hormones (FDA states: no significant difference has been shown between milk from cows treated and non treated with rBST growth hormones). Contains 9 essential nutrients. Delicious, Fairlife ultra-filtered milk in convenient 8 oz single serve bottles. Get the same Fairlife you love with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk, anywhere life takes you. Enjoy! Supports brain health. Our milk flows through soft filters to concentrate its goodness like protein & calcium while filtering our half of the natural sugars. So sip, drink and chug as you enjoy our delicious ultra-filtered milk. We don't use rBST, but you deserve the whole story! Homogenized. Pasteurized. Grade A. fairlife.com. Let's chat! 855-LIVEFAIR. Learn more at fairlife.com. Available in 2% and chocolate multi-packs. Remove label for better recycling.