Light + Fit Light + Fit Nonfat Greek Vanilla Yogurt 4 ea

Naturally & artificially flavored. Average flavored. 80 calories; 12 g protein. 0 g fat. Certified gluten free. Greek Yogurt: 125 calories; 2 g fat per 5.3 oz serving. Partially produced with genetic engineering. At least 33% fewer calories than average flavored Greek yogurt. Add some. Light: It's a simple idea, really. Because healthy living isn't all or nothing. It's more of a do-what-works-for-you kind of thing. So, let's all lighten up a bit, shall we? Nobody's perfect & that's fine by us. Because keeping things light lets. You do you. Danone. Part of the Danone family. Delish. Grade A. Get in touch: Facebook. Instagram. Call or text 1-877-326-6668