Raised & Rooted Nuggets, Spicy

A blend of pea protein, bamboo fiber, egg white, and golden flaxseed. 10 g protein per serving. 7 g fiber per serving. Soy free (except for soy bean oil). 33% less saturated fat (than USDA data for white meat chicken nuggets). See nutrition information for total sodium content. This product contains 1.5 g of saturated fat vs 3 g of saturated fat per 90 g serving. Ingredient(s) derived from a bioengineered source. 100% delicious. 0% compromise. Nuggets made with plants! Fully cooked. Raised & rooted celebrates plant protein that's delicious. We're creating a new way to bring the power of plants into everyday eating. Who doesn't love spicy nuggets? Made with pea protein + egg white + golden flaxseed. how2recycle.info.