Oscar Mayer Deli-Creations Focaccia Sandwich, Bistro Ham and Provolone

Complete Sandwiches. Hot & melty. Deli fresh oven roasted ham (water added), 2% milk reduced fat natural provolone cheese shreds (1/3 less fat than provolone cheese); herb vinaigrette dressing; Italian herb focaccia bread. Makes 1 complete sandwich. Experience a sandwich that has all the warmth, the flavor, and the fresh baked taste you look forward to, without having to, without having to go out. In no time at all, you can create a lunch for one, served with soft, warm focaccia, premium cuts of meat, natural cheeses and gourmet sauces, all individually wrapped for freshness. It's the hot and melty moment you deserve. 2% milk reduced fat natural mozzarella cheese contains 5 g of fat; mozzarella cheese contains 8 g of fat.