Minute Maid Low Pulp 25% Orange Juice Beverage 59 oz

50 calories per 8 fl oz serving. Vitamin C & Zinc. 200% vitamin c. 20% zinc. 45% less sugar than orange juice. 45% less sugar than orange juice per 8 fl oz serving: Sugar: this product 11 g. Orange juice 20 g. From concentrate. We've been in the juice business for more than 75 years, bringing you naturally delicious juice you love and trust. We know life can be a marathon. You're juggling school, work, family, friends, the occasional hobby and about am million and a half other things life throws your way. But rest assured that this great tasting orange juice beverage made wit real fruit juice, 200% Vitamin C and 20% zinc is a great refreshing way to start your day. And with 45% less sugar than orange juice, you get delicious orange juice taste with fewer calories. No matter that life throws your way, we've got the juice covered. Minute Maid Vitamin C & Zinc, enjoy the great orange juice taste with every delicious glass. Put good in. Get good out. That's what we believe at Minute Maid. We take pride in making every carton of Minute Maid the go-to choice for your family. You've got enough on your mind, but t least you can rest easy knowing your family will enjoy the goodness that goes into every glass of Minute Maid. We make Minute Maid with the same philosophy you use to approach life, because we all know the effort you put in is equal to the good you get out. Pasteurized. Our quality promise assures your satisfaction we guarantee it. www.minutemaid.com. SmartLabel: Scan here for more food information or call 1-800-888-6488. Consumer information call 1-800-888-6488. Please recycle.