Top Care® Allergy Multi-Symptom Cool Ice Caplets Pain Reliever/Nasal Decongestant 24 Ct Box

Contains 3 medicines: headache/acetaminophen; sinus pressure & nasal congestion/phenylephrine HCI; runny nose/sneezing and itchy, watery eyes/chlorpheniramine maleate. Temporarily relieves these symptoms of hay fever and the common cold: headache, nasal congestion, sinus congestion and pressure, runny nose and sneezing, minor aches and pains. Temporarily relieves these additional symptoms of hay fever: itching of the nose or throat, itchy, watery eyes, helps clear nasal passages. Gluten free. Temporarily relieves runny nose & nasal congestion. Temporarily relieves minor aches & pains. Compare to tylenol® allergy multi-symptom active Ingredients*.