Visit madewithdrifit.com to see the Dri-Fit Difference for yourself! How it works: A lot of science goes into feeling this natural. Scan here for more information. Call 1-800-423-0139 for more information. QUALITY GUARANTEED This TopCare® product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. DO NOT FLUSH OPEN HERE QUESTIONS? 1-888-423-0139 topcare@topco.com www.topcarebrand.com Odor Guard®, Dri-Fit, and Feel More Natural are trademarks or registered trademarks of First Quality Retail Services, LLC. Used under license. FQHA0420 © TOPCO Sizing and Absorbency Chart Absorbency Sizes Small Medium Maximum Absorbency Waist 28"-40" Hips 34"-46" Weight 115-190 lbs Absorbency Sizes Large Maximum Absorbency Waist 38"-50" Hips 44"-54" Weight 170-260 lbs Absorbency Sizes Extra Large Maximum Absorbency Waist 48"-64" Hips 48"-64" Weight 200-300 lbs Absorbency Sizes 2X Large Maximum Absorbency Waist 64"-80" Hips 64"-80" Weight 250+ lbs SKIN The Dri-Fit Difference Soft, breathable material to help you stay cool and comfortable Comfort The surface helps keep the skin healthy by reducing friction Protection Super absorbent core quickly locks up moisture and odor SKIN Health The surface wicks away moisture to help your skin stay dry Fit Contoured between the legs for a better fit and less bunching