Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter For Multiple Cats Non-Clumping Clay Litter Insant Action

For multiple cats. Power odor control. +99.6% dust free. Instant action. Helps trap odors from the start. Introducing the original kitty litter in 1947, a man was asked if he could help a friend find sand for her cat's litter box. Little did he know, by not having what she needed, he would discover one of the greatest inventions in cat history, ever - clay litter. That litter soon took on the name tidy cats. And, even today, the reliable, non-clumping litter found in this very bag is based on that same, simple product (with a few enhancements -we are tidy cats, after all). Instant Action: Forget About It. Instantly. You want high - speed freshness that'll stay a while. And so does Tidy Cats Instant Action. With immediate control, plus a form so simple you barely have to think about it for nearly a week, it's the fast that lasts. 99.6% dust free. Fast – acting, moisture – activated odor control system. Great absorption powerful odor control. Low tracking. Tidy cats has you covered. We know it's our job to follow every road that leads to freshness. That's why we never stop searching for a better litter box experience. For over 50 years, we've fought odor, cut down on dust and helped simplify litter box maintenance. And in doing so, a complete line of litter care products was born. So there's always a clever solution that's right for you and the other noses in your home. Purina. Your Pet, Our Passion. To find out how we can help you provide a long, happy and healthy life for your pet, ask Purina at Purina.com. www.tidycats.com. Purina.com. Twitter. (at)Purina. Facebook.com/Purina. Questions? Visit us at www.tidycats.com. Visit us online or save this package and call 1-800-835-6369. Monday - Friday, 7 am to 7 pm CT. Made in U.S.A. Printed in U.S.A.